Monday, December 17, 2007

Breathtaking Kauai!

When I first laid eyes on Kauai I thought I had found Eden. This most perfect island is called the Garden Isle of Hawaii. As the beauty of Kauai reveals itself, you find tall mountains rising from the lush greenery and sparkling blue waters splashing along black sand beaches. Truly you feel the hand of God as the panoramic views startle and amaze you. If your ideal vacation is in the tropics, then Kauai should be first on your list. Over 80% of Kauai's diverse terrain is inaccessible making the helicopter the best way to see its spectacular waterfalls, canyons, mountains, valleys, rain forests and secluded beaches. Waimea Canyon has been named the Pacific Grand Canyon. As the waterfall pours over the edge of the incredible high cliff, I remember skipping across the flowing water thinking, “Gosh, I hope I don’t slip!” Elvis filmed Blue Hawaii here and the fantastic opening to Jurassic Park credits Kauai’s lush canyons and wild seas. Don’t miss this tropical treasure, it will touch your soul!

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