Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Gourmet Dream Team Delivers A Moving Experience

NAPSI-Long-distance train vacations can be a wonderfully unique experience, allowing travelers to experience the breathtaking scenery around them without having to keep their eyes on the road (or a map). But there’s so much more to train travel, including the chance to interact with other passengers, stops in intriguing locales and, in keeping with the luxurious accommodations, a fine dining experience.

Rocky Mountaineer Vacations was recently honored with the World Travel Award as the “World’s Leading Travel Experience by Train” for the third consecutive year. And one of the key ingredients in the train line’s success is its culinary expertise.

And while the culinary experience on the Rocky Mountaineer train has always been a highlight of the journey, the company is now taking it to the next level with four times the talent, experience and expertise.

A new catering service for the train, Rocky Mountain Catering was recently established by four world-renowned British Columbia chefs: Frederic Couton, Joseph Lassaga, Jean Pierre Guerin and Raoul Prigent. The vast experience of this dream team is breathing new life into the train line’s RedLeaf and GoldLeaf Service on-board cuisine and thrilling the discriminating palates of all Rocky Mountaineer guests.

These accomplished chefs have created spectacular cuisine in kitchens all around the world, including Paris, Geneva and Hong Kong. All four have received a number of culinary awards, both in B.C. and internationally. Using only the finest and freshest local ingredients, these culinary artists are working their magic to create unique bi-regional dishes that celebrate the distinctive character of Western Canada in the true tradition of Rocky Mountaineer Vacations.

In addition, the company will gladly address any dietary needs or concerns that passengers may have. Simply provide your booking agent or the train line with 72 hours’ notice regarding specific issues.

To learn more about train vacations through the Canadian West, including information about the gourmet cuisine to be enjoyed on board, visit the Web site at www.rockymountaineer.com.

Gourmet dining on board is one of the delights of long-distance train travel.

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