Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cost of Space Travel Drops 50%

/PRNewswire/ -- Before the first suborbital space ship has even flown its first flight, the cost of commercial "space" travel available to the general public has already dropped by more than fifty percent.

RocketShip Tours and XCOR Aerospace recently announced that the cost of their suborbital space flight, which will begin operation in 2010 will be just $95,000. This includes a five-night stay at a luxury resort, complete training, medical evaluation and screening, cancellation insurance and, of course, the flight itself.

Virgin Galactic, founded by the well-known entrepreneur, Richard Branson, is currently offering a similar experience for $200,000.

RocketShip Tours is the result of a partnership between travel pioneer, Jules Klar, and XCOR Aerospace. Klar got his start in the travel business in 1961 when he, along with the legendary Arthur Frommer, created $5-A-Day Tours.

According to Klar, "Our goal is to make space travel accessible and affordable to those who aspire to experience the ultimate adventure. By reducing the cost of it by more than 50 percent, we think we have taken a major step toward accomplishing this goal."

As General Sales Agent for XCOR Aerospace, Klar is now using his expansive knowledge as a true innovator in the travel industry to pioneer the advent of space travel to the public. "This is sure to be a life-altering experience, and I am honored to have the opportunity to present it to the public," Klar added.

Participants in the program will travel to the edge of space in a suborbital space vehicle known as the Lynx that is powered by environmentally friendly rocket engines. Unlike the plans for Virgin Galactic that call for travelers to fly to space with several other travelers, the RocketShip Tours experience calls for just a single passenger on each flight who will actually sit in the co-pilot's seat beside the astronaut-pilot flying the ship.

XCOR Aerospace was founded in 1999 and is located at the Mojave Spaceport and civilian Aerospace Test Center in Mojave, California. It engages in research, development and production of reusable rocket-powered launch vehicles.

RocketShip Tours is located in Phoenix, Arizona, and can be reached at 888-778-6877 or at www.rocketshiptours.com.

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