Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ten Great Places to Sleep With a Ghost

/PRNewswire/ -- Ghostly spirits make themselves as comfortable in America's B&Bs as living guests do, and not just in the dead of night. In a recent survey, innkeepers revealed that nearly 20% (about 3600) inns in the U.S. are haunted. Similarly, a current consumer survey showed that 20% of travelers seek a haunted inn for Halloween, so those who seek experiences with the world beyond can rest assured that they'll have a good chance of sleeping with a ghost. For a complete list of Halloween packages and over 100 great places to sleep with a ghost, visit and click Sleep with a Ghost. In alpha order by state, here is a sampling of B&B ghost stories:

Gate House Inn, Jackson, CA: A "Garden Ghost" appeared soon after overgrowth around the mansion was cleared away for new gardens. Although no paranormal activity has been reported inside, the surrounding land has a ghostly presence.

Kehoe House B&B, Savannah, GA: This B&B is reputed to be haunted by the ghosts of twin Kehoe children who may have died while playing in one of the house's fireplaces (now blocked up). Many sightings of the ghosts and the night-time sounds of children laughing and playing are detailed on the inn's website.

Old Bridge Inn, Jeffersonville, IN: Guests have seen floating objects, canes picked up and twirled around, tea cups floating across the room and candles being raised up then down on their own. A small dog named Buttons has also been seen.

Deerfield Inn, Deerfield, MA: Flashing lights, knocks on doors when no one is there, moving books, and tables moved into the middle of the room are regular occurrences, especially in rooms 48, 43 and 41. The ghost is believed to be the original owner of the house, Cora Carlisle, still hanging around as the inn celebrates 125 years of history.

Coach Stop Inn, Bar Harbor, ME: This former tavern is home to Abbe, a spirited little girl who loves music. Strange noises, flickering lights and fleeting reflections may either be Abbe singing or additional spirits.

Bingham Hall B&B, New Ulm, MN: A man named Jake has been seen by innkeepers standing in the doorway, never going in or out. Additionally, guests feel a presence of someone watching, say the doors open by themselves, and hear noises.

Ghost Rails Inn, Alberton, MT: The railroading days live on in the form of a phantom brakeman, still awaiting his call upstairs in the old hotel, according to the tales of those who've seen him.

Carambola Inn B&B, Fuquay-Varina, NC: Both the distinctive scent of perfume plus a report of a friendly woman seen hovering about five inches off the ground indicate that former residents still linger on.

Mary-Penn B&B, Gettysburg, PA: A paranormal group recorded horse noises and voices in their basement, and from time to time guests claim to experience friendly spirits.

By The Side Of The Road Bed and Breakfast, Harrisonburg, VA: When the innkeeper went to turn off the basement light, an unseen presence grabbed her hand. Footsteps are mysteriously heard in hallways, and doors open and close on their own.

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