Tuesday, August 01, 2006

America is beautiful

The Grand Tetons of Wyoming

As summer winds down, don’t miss out on seeing the magnificent West. One of the most overwhelming landscapes you will ever behold is Grand Teton National Park. The magnificent mountain range captures your heart as you enter. The tremendous peaks with their snow-capped glory inspire awe. Thankfully hotels and waffle houses do not mar the view. It remains as it was when the wagon trains passed through its canyons.

There are many different kinds of plants and animals located in Grand Teton National Park. The best time to see animals is early morning just before the sun peeks over the Teton Mountain Range and at dusk. Most animals can be seen near water, especially Moose. The Snake River flows from its headwater throughout Yellowstone National Park then south through Jackson Hole. Grand Teton National Park is not only famous for its beautiful scenery, but also for the hiking trails. Most of the trails are very accessible, vary in length, and have a variety of difficulty levels ranging from an easy walk to a technical climb.

One great way to experience Grand Teton National Park and its lakes is to take a boat ride across Jenny Lake to the mouth of Cascade Canyon. This classic U-shaped canyon, was carved by one of the most recent glaciers to flow east from the Teton Range. An active glacier can be seen from Jenny Lake on the north side of Mount Owen. A short hike will lead you to Hidden Falls and further on is Inspiration Point. String Lake and Leigh Lake, just to the north of Jenny Lake, are ideal for a day of canoeing or kayaking. The beauty in the towering mountains from the water's vantage is awe-inspiring. The splendor of Jenny Lake with its clear water and smooth stones is impossible to describe. You will just have to go!

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