Sunday, August 27, 2006

Halifax Holiday

Enjoy Halifax History and Beauty

Halifax, the capital region of Nova Scotia, Canada, is a lively and colorful combination of urban and rural living at its best. Beautiful flowers bloom as you drive down cobblestone streets that lead to the harbor. It is such a wonderful city to discover with its old town feel.

Halifax history dates back to 1749 when Governor Edward Cornwallis and 2500 settlers created Canada's first permanent British town, on the scenic shores of the world's second largest natural harbor. The historic downtown waterfront areas of Halifax are great for adventure walking. This is the city where the Titanic survivors were brought and those, not so fortunate, are buried.

Halifax has had a dramatic and tragic history where in 1917 half the town was destroyed by a blast in the harbor when 11 thousand were killed or injured. Beyond the harbor, you must take the special trip to Peggy's Cove which displays a beautiful lighthouse. On the trip there you will see amazing rocks that seem to be thrown by God on the shore. I have never seen anything like it. Out from Peggy's Cove is the beautiful monument honoring the final resting place of Swissair 111.

Take a trip to Halifax for a lovely treat. Hotels are plentiful that look out on the water or take a boat ride through this amazing harbor. The people are so kind and generous. Casinos are everywhere as well as terrific restaurants. Halifax is just what you need for seeing the best the world has to offer.

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