Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Those Who Live Together Travel Together

(NAPSI)-Increasingly, family trips are including more than just mom, dad and the kids. A growing number of vacations include grandparents and other relatives-especially when those relatives live in the same household.

Multigenerational travel, also known as "togethering," has been on the rise over the last five years. And each year, according to the Travel Industry Association of America, more than 5 million family vacations include three generations. And while these trips have long been organized to mark big events, such as 50th anniversaries, 75th birthdays and college graduations, families are increasingly going places en masse "just because."

One mode of transportation that's particularly popular with families is train travel. That's because in addition to a sustainable way to travel, passengers are not distracted by electronics and can focus on the good food, stunning scenery and spending quality time with the family.

For example, Rocky Mountaineer Vacations offers a variety of customizable packages that let riders explore the beautiful destinations of Western Canada. Vacation packages range from two days to 17 days and feature service that's as spectacular as the scenery.

One of the most popular is the Classic Rail Vacation. This is a spectacular two-day, all-daylight journey onboard the Rocky Mountaineer with an additional night's accommodation in Vancouver and Banff. It includes rail station transfers in Vancouver, Kamloops and Banff; a one-day National Parks Pass; two breakfasts; two lunches; and three nights' hotel accommodation.

So whether riding the rails aboard the Rocky Mountaineer from Vancouver to Banff, or journeying along the Fraser Discovery Route through the countryside and early gold rush territory from Whistler to Jasper, there is plenty for everyone to see and do. And because the spacious coaches are roomy enough to accommodate dozens of passengers, the train can be a unique setting for a family reunion.

To learn more about multigenerational family travel and the Rocky Mountaineer rail vacation through Western Canada, visit www.rockymountaineer.com or call 1-800-665-7245 (toll-free in the U.S.).

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