Monday, January 12, 2009

To Rescue Americans' Travel Budgets in 2009, Worldwide Hotel Inventory on Sale for $1/Night at

/PRNewswire/ -- Despite the flood of downbeat economic news, Americans are given a big reason to stay positive in the New Year with an opportunity to book the vacation of a lifetime for the cost of a movie ticket. For fifteen minutes per day, five days in a row late January/early February 2009, will sell the entire world for a dollar per night, including every room in its inventory of over 15,000 global hotel partners.

This weeklong hotel deal has been created to inform the public of a new Undercover booking style launching in late January - one that guarantees the site's best possible hotel rates with last-minute prices, in advance.

"This sale is very real," explains Uri Argov, President and CEO of Last Minute Travel. "Because we guarantee our hotel partners are paid for all inventory listed with us, we can invest a half-million dollars in room revenue to drive travelers to our improved site."

There is a small catch: The appointed days and hours won't be divulged in advance. The only way to find out is to visit to register to receive clues, scavenger-hunt style, via email, starting today. To expedite the booking process on launch day itself, web users are encouraged to visit the site in advance to become familiar with its hotel inventory and page layouts.

In this Undercover hotel model, similar to Hotwire, the name of the hotel is kept secret during booking, revealed after making the reservation. What makes the site different from others is that travelers will be provided everything except the hotel's name and address, including star ratings, a description of the hotel itself, its rooms, services, local area, a complete checklist of amenities and a map highlighting a radius around the general hotel location.

The site will also now provide travelers with an interactive "Destinations" page, set to feature the details of more than 100 locales worldwide. Each travel destination will be packed with traveler reviews, general information, photos, as well as details on the area's top hotels, attractions, shopping and dining experiences.

For travelers who prefer to know more when booking with the benefit of paying less, the opaque veil is lifted when joining the behind-the-scenes Last Minute Travel Club ( As America's first travel price club, the site offers travelers up to 65 percent in savings for each hotel booking, whether three or 300 days in advance. During the sale, members of the travel club will be ahead of the game, receiving email clues before other registered users.

For more information about Last Minute Travel's upcoming sale, its new Undercover style or for a full list of terms and conditions, visit the "World for a Dollar" homepage at

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