Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Magician's Fight for Freedom... Aaron Radatz to Perform Death Defying Stunt for All American Weekend July 4 & 5 at Wild Adventures

/PRNewswire/ -- How long can you hold your breath? Magical entertainer Aaron Radatz hopes he can hold his long enough to escape from a wooden packing crate at the bottom of Wild Adventures' lake July 4 and 5 at 7:30 p.m. FREEDOM: An Underwater Escape has never been attempted in the region, and the death defying stunt is part of Wild Adventures' All American Weekend, which also includes explosive nightly fireworks choreographed to a dynamic and patriotic soundtrack.

Aaron Radatz is the newest star to hit the magic entertainment scene. He is also one of the daily featured shows at Wild Adventures Theme Park this summer. Time Magazine says, "He is THE magical entertainer to see." On July 4 and 5 at Wild Adventures, Aaron Radatz will recreate a death-defying escape made famous by one his mentors, Harry Houdini.

Radatz will be handcuffed and chained by members of the audience and sealed inside a wooden crate, before he is lowered into the Wild Adventures' lake. To up the ante, several small holes will be drilled over the surface of the crate to let the water drain in; making the escape even more dangerous. Aaron will have only three minutes to pick his way out of the handcuffs and chains and break his way out of the box against the pressure of the water. An ambulance, fire truck, and scuba diving team will be on hand to take action if the event does not go as planned.

When Aaron was asked why he would attempt this dangerous stunt he replied, "I love living life to the fullest and taking any challenges it can dish out. Despite the fear I have of drowning, I am prepared to take this challenge and win." Aaron Radatz has been training for several weeks with certified scuba instructors to maximize the amount of time he can hold his breath and his ability to maneuver underwater.

All American Weekend will also include an explosive fireworks show both Saturday and Sunday night, beginning at dusk. Splash Island Water Park, thrill rides, daily shows, attractions and animals will add to this Independence Day weekend and provide a quality family friendly experience for all ages.

Aaron Radatz's FREEDOM: AN UNDERWATER ESCAPE and the nightly fireworks are a free event included in park admission and will take place Saturday, July 4 and Sunday, July 5. Guests can also catch Aaron Radatz at the park Wednesday through Sunday this summer until August 2. To learn more about Aaron Radatz visit his website at

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