Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Top Secret: Mission Toy at The Children’s Museum of Memphis

(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Children’s Museum of Memphis is hosting the traveling exhibit, Top Secret: Mission Toy, June 13-September 13, 2009. This intriguing exhibition from the Canadian Children’s Museum allows kids to have a unique opportunity to play toy detective with toys from around the world.

We all know that children play with toys because it’s fun, but did you know that toys also help them develop important cognitive, social and motor skills? They help socialize children, teaching them to share, compromise and cooperate with their peers. Many toys also foster creativity and imagination, critical thinking and problem-solving.

Nobody knows toys better than kids. Children don a lab coat and embark on an important mission: to inspect toys from around the world. They use their investigative and playtime skills to check out dolls and balls and secret codes, find out why tops are tops, and how string can be a fascinating thing.

“Toys are an essential part of growing up,” said Richard Hackett, museum chief executive officer. “Toys are often overlooked for their important role in educating and socializing our children.”

Top Secret: Mission Toy shows that toys take many forms and shapes, from simple wooden tops to remote-controlled robots. Toys are an important part of life in cultures around the world - showing that a child’s need to have fun is a universal concept. The exhibit was created by the Canadian Children’s Museum and highlights that museum’s rich collection of toys, interactive devices, games and other activities.

Top Secret: Mission Toy is included with museum admission. For more information, visit CMOM.COM.

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