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Great deals, seasonal activities make pre-holiday a great time to get away

(ARA) – A vacation may be the last thing on your mind as the holidays draw near this year, but contrary to popular belief the holiday season is a great time to take a break. Pre-holiday season deals sweeten the appeal of a weekend getaway to decompress from the stresses of a busy fall and winter season.

“While airfares and hotel rates do rise on and immediately surrounding major holidays, the weeks leading up to those times can yield amazing deals and wonderful opportunities to escape the hectic pace of the holiday season,” says Brad Dean, president and chief executive officer for the Myrtle Beach Area Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.

Still not convinced now is the time for a quick getaway? Consider these facts:

Getting There

Airports will be crowded and frustrating as soon as the holidays arrive. Yet airfares are lower and airports are less crowded in the weeks leading up to peak holiday season. You’re much more likely to score a good deal on airfare – and a less stressful airport experience – if you travel pre-holiday.

Driving trips are also easier before the holiday. Come Thanksgiving or Christmas, everyone will be visiting family and friends to celebrate. Highways are less likely to be clogged with traffic in advance of the holidays. To make the most of your weekend getaway, choose a driving destination that’s easily accessible and offers the most “bang for your buck.” Myrtle Beach, S.C., for example is a popular driving destination from many parts of the eastern seaboard and Midwest.

Hotel Deals

Hotel prices typically increase a day or two before a holiday – rates may even double over Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. However, hotels are relatively empty and inspired to offer better deals in the weeks leading up to the holidays. In fact, rates can be reduced to more than half the cost of a room during peek summer season. You can find great package deals if you travel before the holidays, especially to affordable locations that are in their “off” seasons. Many beach resorts and hotels offer all-inclusive packages with admission to local attractions and many feature heated indoor swimming pools and even indoor waterparks.

Cool Prices on Hot Attractions

Attraction tickets that might seem pricey during high season will likely be more appealingly priced during the pre-holiday, “off season.” Some outdoor attractions in more temperate climes, such as Myrtle Beach will stay open through the holidays, as will shows, indoor attractions and sites. Plus, you won’t have to fight the “peak season” crowds or lines at year-round attractions like popular museums and aquariums.

A Taste of the Holidays without the Expense

What commercial venture in the United States doesn’t stretch the holidays? With Halloween items appearing on store shelves in early September, is it any surprise that resort attractions will don their holiday décor and feature holiday-themed events and shows long before the actual dates arrive?

It’s possible to get into the holiday spirit and enjoy themed shows, attractions and activities when you travel before the holidays. For example, the Myrtle Beach area offers everything from live holiday shows to candlelit gardens with carolers, Christmas tree festivals to holiday markets.

To learn more about a pre-holiday getaway to Myrtle Beach, go to www.visitmyrtlebeach.com.

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