Monday, September 22, 2008

Air Taxi Association Companies Unite to Support DayJet Customers and Communities

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Air Taxi Association (ATXA) companies announced full support to DayJet customers and communities following DayJet’s discontinuation of passenger operations. SATSair, ImagineAir, and North American Jet provide on-demand air transportation to all 60 of the affected communities. The carriers feature a combined fleet of over 30 Cirrus SR-22 and Eclipse 500 aircraft and work alongside a number of additional Air Taxi Association companies across the United States.

“DayJet shined a bright light upon the emerging next-generation air taxi industry and it is our duty to help affected passengers and communities,” stated Joe Leader, President of the Air Taxi Association. “Immediately after DayJet’s air operations stopped, our air taxi carriers in the region stepped forward to help. SATSair, ImagineAir, and North American Jet already serve these communities and have committed to increase service to meet passenger needs.”

Affected passengers will be able to contact the air taxi carriers in the region for support, ticket price matches and/or air taxi flight discounts, and on-demand flight service available from all 60 communities that DayJet served.

For immediate flight requests and support, passengers requiring Cirrus SR-22 service for up to three travelers should contact SATSair ( at (800) 639-6192 or ImagineAir ( at (678) 226-2329. For Eclipse 500 jet service for up to three passengers, travelers should contact North American Jet ( at (877) 536-2376.

Communities, businesses, and customers needing air taxi service added to their area should contact the Air Taxi Association at (770) 855-7177. Special discount and support will be provided by ATXA member companies that have volunteered to provide special service to these affected communities, businesses, and customers.

The Air Taxi Association (ATXA) is an alliance of next-generation air taxi providers that offer direct, on-demand flight service at greatly reduced prices. All Air Taxi Association member companies and their websites are listed at

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