Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Think Classic, Think Tallahassee

T2F Note: Seeing old classic cars can be a treat and take you back in time. Here's another trip to consider taking. Tallahassee is so close to the south Georgia line, although for most Georgia residents it does mean an overnight trip. Still, zipping down to Tallahassee can be a great getaway. It's also an easy drive to the Gulf to take a dip after you've seen the cars.

(NAPSI)-When most people think of "Florida" and "cars," they tend to picture a popular beach city with an annual high-speed race. Yet with an eye instead toward the history of automobiles, they are drawn to the state's capital--and a one-of-a-kind museum.

From political figures and premier "Prowlers" to polished chrome and solar power, the two-story, 95,000-square-foot Tallahassee Automobile Museum holds one of the most extensive car collections in the world. Among the many shining examples of automobiles throughout America's history are:

• the 1860 hearse that carried President Lincoln to his final resting place;

• the oldest fully surviving car made in America in 1894;

• a 1931 Duesenberg Model J appraised for more than $1.2 million;

• both the first Prowler and Viper to roll off the assembly line;

• three Batmobiles and more.

Often touted as one of the Southeast's finest private collections of rare and unique collectibles, the museum also offers a new feature--solar panels. Created with help from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the paneling educates youth on the benefits of alternative energy as well as protects fuel for future generations. The museum houses the largest solar panel system in the state, as well as "green" items from the carpet and flooring to the electrical fixtures.

"It's more than a museum, it's a journey," says DeVoe Moore, museum owner and longtime Tallahassee resident. "The collections will truly take you back to your childhood, whatever era that may be."

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