Thursday, July 03, 2008

Swing, Batter Batter! US Airways Hits It out of the Park with the Dividend Miles Grand Slam Promotion

(BUSINESS WIRE)--US Airways (NYSE:LCC) invites members of US Airways' frequent-flyer program, Dividend Miles, to step up to the plate for the airline’s Grand Slam promotion. Through Sept. 30, members who register for the promotion will be able to earn up to 40,000 bonus miles just for doing business with Dividend Miles partners.

Dividend Miles members will earn a “hit” for each qualifying transaction with a participating Dividend Miles partner. Every time a member gets four hits, they’ll earn 4,000 bonus miles in addition to the miles earned from that partner. The bonuses get better the more hits a member earns. Twenty-four hits equal a “Grand Slam” award of 30,000 bonus miles. Plus, the first 50 Dividend Miles members to earn 24 Hits (a Grand Slam) will also earn two Gold Preferred status nominations: one for the Registered Account and one for a friend. Twenty-eight hits equal a “Hall of Fame” award of 40,000 bonus miles. To participate, register at

"The Grand Slam promotion is a great way for Dividend Miles members to earn bonus miles, and is as simple as purchasing a US Airways Club membership, using one of our Dividend Miles Credit Cards, staying with one of our hotel partners or ordering flowers through," said Fernand Fernandez, director of customer loyalty programs for US Airways. "With over 100 partners, members have a variety of ways to earn miles to use towards travel this summer."

For terms and conditions, a complete list of partners, more information or to register for the Grand Slam promotion, Dividend Miles members can visit

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